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Rapid Recovery® Sacramento

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On-Site Refrigerant Recovery & Tank Swap

While serving Sacramento to the agricultural areas of the California Central Valley to the Reno/Tahoe region in Nevada, Rapid Recovery Sacramento ensures practical, economical solutions to the HVAC, mechanical, demolition, and environmental industries.

We have performed recoveries at wineries, high-rise office buildings, military bases, agricultural processing plants, and cold storage facilities, as well as at hundreds of commercial buildings throughout the Central Valley. We love and support the businesses of Sacramento and the Central Valley. Partner with us and help your project go much more smoothly. 

Simplify & Speed Up Your Refrigerant Recovery Process

Our unmatched recovery speeds bring fast and comprehensive recovery to your job-site or business. Our EPA-certified Field Service Technicians are extensively trained to recover every pound while ensuring A-Gas' high standard of safety, quality, and excellence. 

We Buy R22 & More!

After we recover refrigerant from your system or cylinders, you can choose to keep your refrigerant or use our buyback program, where we'll purchase your CFCs, HFCs, or HCFCs.

Many refrigerants are valuable even when dirty, recovered, wet, burned out, and oil saturated. We ensure you get every dollar you deserve with our refrigerant testing.

Refrigerant prices can change fast. We’re on it and pay you our best price every time—without you having to ask.

service engineer operating recovery equipment

Risk Free

Our buyback program has NO:

  • Shipping fees – We do not charge freight to ship your refrigerant. We’re local and provide on-site cylinder or system recovery. 
  • Reductions – We don’t reduce your refrigerant value for normal oil, moisture, acid (burnout), or particulate quantities. We pay full price even when mixed with up to 3% other refrigerants.
  • Liability – You have no risk of “back billing” for mix because we test on-site. You have no EPA risk because we take your EPA liability for every pound we handle.
close up of refrigerant recovery equipment

Simple, One-for-One Tank Swap

Our local team also provides a cylinder exchange service for the greater Sacramento area: Rapid Exchange®.

We come to you to test and weigh the refrigerant. Then, we swap your recovery cylinders with clean, vacuumed, and in-date DOT-certified cylinders.

Upon completion of the exchange, we give you an instant credit for your valuable refrigerants and provide you with industry-leading EPA documentation.

Rapid Exchange Sacramento

Contact Your Local Sacramento Refrigerant Recovery Experts

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