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AGAS - Together we can

Building a Sustainable Future

Together, we can protect and enhance the environment by effectively managing the lifecycle of refrigerants and fire protection agents, to build a sustainable future.

Products & Services

Refrigeration and air conditioning are critical to the way we live. A-Gas plays a crucial role in this and it is likely that you come into contact with our products every day.

A-Gas is the world leader in the supply and lifecycle management of refrigerants and associated products and services. For almost 30 years, through our first-class recovery, reclamation, and repurposing processes, we have been capturing refrigerant gas for future re-use or safe destruction, preventing its harmful release into the atmosphere.

Products & Services
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Building a Sustainable Future

Our unwavering commitment puts A-Gas at the forefront of our industry in terms of sustainability and supporting the circular economy. We are continuously focused on how our products can impact the planet and how our services and expertise can protect our environment.

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Our Net-Zero Pledge

A-Gas is committed to becoming a net-zero company by 2035. It is an ambitious target that cannot be achieved alone, but Together, We Can.

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Transform Your Refrigerant Recovery Process

Streamline your processes by utilizing our onsite refrigerant recovery service and save valuable time, reduce costs, and maintain business as usual.

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Global Career Opportunities

A-Gas’ purpose is to protect and enhance the environment by reducing global warming gases and preventing their release into the atmosphere. We can only achieve this by having such exceptional people as part of our global team.

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