EPA’s Section 608 is Alive and LAW!

In recent months, the EPA has announced that it is reviewing the existing Section 608 guidelines which cover all ODS and their substitutes (CFC, HCFC, HFC) and whether it should pertain only to ODS (CFC, HCFC), not HFC. But until they change the current 608 laws, it remains in force. It is the LAW!

  • No Venting

    No venting of ODS or their substitutes. That means all CFC, HCFC and HFC’s. See Section 608 for the only exceptions to this.

  • HVAC Technicians

    All service technicians must be Section 608 certified. Learn more about the requirements and procedures needed to receive a certification here.

  • Recovered ODS

    Recovered ODS or their substitutes must be reclaimed to industry standards before they can be used in any other system other than the one it was recovered from or other equipment of the same owner.

  • Purchasing ODS

    Only certified 608 technicians can purchase ODS or their substitutes. Wholesalers must retain records of their sales and confirm the eligibility of anyone purchasing ODS or their substitutes.

  • Pressure Temperature Charts

    Leak Testing

    Equipment owners must perform leak testing and conform to leak repair requirements in compliance with Section 608.

  • Record Keeping

    All equipment owners are required to maintain records of the service, leak testing, and any repairs made to equipment containing ODS or a substitute.

Free Section 608 Webinar

The EPA released updates to the Section 608 Refrigerant Management Program of the Clean Air Act on January 1, 2018. These updates are currently under review by the EPA. Until new requirements are released, Section 608 is alive and is the law! This affects everyone, including your company and your technicians! View this free webinar to make sure you are remaining in compliance as we wait for the final decision from the EPA.

Section 608 Downloadable Materials

Keeping up with regulations is difficult. We get it. Here are some additional resources that will help you stay in compliance when it comes to Section 608. 

  • Technician Fact Sheet
    Technician Fact Sheet

    Learn more about what technicians need to know!

  • Section 608 Guide
    Section 608 Guide

    Use this guide to ensure you are meeting all Section 608 requirements.

  • Section 608 Infographic
    Section 608 Infographic

    Available to download, print, and share! 

Contact A Certified Technician Today

Contact A Certified Technician Today

Our service sector, Rapid Recovery, has an extensive network of EPA certified technicians across the country. They supply all necessary documentation and recover your refrigerant faster than anyone in the industry. Find a Rapid Recovery location near you! 

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