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Rapid Exchange® Tampa

We come to your shop, swap any size cylinder, and send you a check!


Simple, One-for-One Tank Swap

With Rapid Exchange, we come to you and swap your recovery cylinders with clean, vacuumed, and in-date DOT-certified cylinders.

Upon completion of the exchange, we send you a check for your valuable refrigerants and provide you with industry-leading EPA documentation.

We Buy Refrigerants!

Many refrigerants are valuable even when dirty, recovered, wet, burned out, and oil saturated. We ensure you get every dollar you deserve with our refrigerant testing.

Refrigerant prices can change fast. We’re on it and pay you our best price every time—without you having to ask.

Risk Free

Our buyback program has NO:

  • Shipping fees – We do not charge freight to ship your refrigerant. We’re local and provide on-site cylinder swaps. 
  • Reductions – We don’t reduce your refrigerant value for normal oil, moisture, acid (burnout), or particulate quantities. We pay full price even when mixed with other refrigerants.
  • Liability – You have no risk of “back billing” for mix because we test. You have no EPA risk because we take your EPA liability for every pound we handle.

Need Refrigerant Recovered?

Our Fort Myers team can recover refrigerants through Rapid Recovery®, A-Gas' EPA-compliant high-speed refrigerant removal service. Learn more about local refrigerant recovery.

Rapid Recovery Tampa
Man working with black hose on the back of a recovery truck while smiling at the camera

Contact Your Tampa Bay Rapid Exchange Team

We’re here to give Florida HVACR contractors an easy path to green their businesses while simplifying their operations. With Florida’s ‘endless summer,’ our HVACR contractors do more than keep people comfortable—they keep people safe. We want to do all we can to help them help our fellow Floridians.

Chris Webb, Business Development Sales for A-Gas, based in Southwest Florida