Laboratory Testing & Analytical Services

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A-Gas offers the critical laboratory testing and compliance certification services that provide proven enhancements.

Our Laboratory Offers Regulatory Testing
Step-by-Step Test Sampling

Reclamation And Regulatory Testing

A-Gas has been officially designated a Refrigerant Reclaimer under 40 CFR 82.164 by the U. S. EPA. This designation recognizes the company’s strict adherence to all regulations and laws regarding the safe handling and special transportation treatment of Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS’s).

The A-Gas exclusive laboratory conducts step-by-step test sampling throughout the entire reclamation process and does so in accordance with the Montreal Protocol Treaty and the Clean Air Act as amended in 1990.

AHRI Testing

A-Gas distinguishes itself by providing exclusive, fully functional laboratory services performed by experts applying established scientific measurements.

Refrigerant testing is performed to the globally accepted AHRI 700 specification. In fact, A-Gas performs testing on samples from all over the world. Because of our well known, voluntary participation in the AHRI 700 certification program, customers have come to expect and get the assurance they are receiving the highest quality refrigerant products held to the highest standards.

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Technical Expertise and Analytical Capabilities

Fire Suppression Testing

The A-Gas Fire Suppression Division is a proven industry leader capable of providing a broad spectrum of high performance products and solutions. With our unparalleled technical background, technical expertise and analytical capabilities we are comprehensively prepared to meet or exceed our customer expectations. We back our assurances up with highly trained scientists using specific protocols and equipment including multiple gas chromatographs, mass spectrometers, KF titrators and wet chemistry/bench work procedures.

All of A-Gas' fire protection agents are in full compliance with industry standards including:

  • ISO-7201
  • ASTM D5632, Type 1 or Type 2;
  • GOST 15899-93
  • Alternative replacement agents to NFPA 2001
  • ASTM 6064