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A-Gas Expands Operations in Nashville

recovery engineer operating recovery equipment

A-Gas, a world leader in providing environmental solutions for the refrigerant and fire protection industries, announced their expansion in Nashville, TN. This is one of the first expansions of refrigerant and fire protection services this year.

“Offering our Rapid Exchange® program in Nashville will provide our partners in the industry an easy way to responsibly manage their refrigerant gases, which will not only enable our customers to increase their bottom line but also benefit the environment,” said Bray Melson, Regional Team Leader at A-Gas.

A-Gas is committed to safe management of a wide range of refrigerants and other specialty products, all of which have the potential to contribute to global warming if not handled with the highest level of care. Millions of dollars have been invested in separation technology to be able to bring these gases back to their certified state for reintroduction into the marketplace, ensuring there is a future supply of these critical gases, while also reducing the need for virgin pounds to be created.

“Globally, we aim to eliminate the emissions risk of potential greenhouse gases to the environment,” stated John Lowrie, Director of Business Development at A-Gas. “Through our Rapid Exchange® program, we facilitate the safe recovery and reclamation of millions of pounds of material annually to secure supply.”

BOWLING GREEN, OHIO – (Business Wire)