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A-Gas Develops One of the First Carbon Credit Projects for Washington State Department of Ecology Cap-and-Invest Program

ACR Oversaw Listing, Verification, and Issuance of Credits to A-Gas

January 30, 2024 | A-Gas, a leader in the lifecycle management of refrigerants, announces it is one of the first two carbon projects approved for issuance of Ecology Offset Credits by the Washington State Department of Ecology, the regulatory agency responsible for the state’s compliance carbon market.

A-Gas collected refrigerant gases from Washington State via their Rapid Recovery on-site refrigerant recovery service, Rapid Exchange on-demand cylinder swap service, and from distributor partners. Once collected, A-Gas destroyed the refrigerant gas in their proprietary plasma arc destruction units, PyroPlas®. A-Gas PyroPlas® is the only plasma arc destruction technology in the United States approved for generating carbon offsets. A-Gas PyroPlas is the cleanest end-of-life technology because it can destroy Ozone Depleting Substances to an efficiency of 99.9999% with de minimis emissions and no adverse environmental impacts.

Now, the 109,180 Ecology Offset Credits issued by the Department of Ecology to A-Gas (A-Gas 2-2023; Project ID: ACR902) can be used by covered entities towards meeting their emission reduction obligations in Washington’s program.

ACR was the Offset Project Registry for the project, issuing the serialized Registry Offset Credits to be converted to Ecology Offset Credits. The project was also verified to comply with the California Air Resources Board Compliance Offset Protocol for Ozone Depleting Substance Projects, which was adopted by the Washington Department of Ecology to generate the Registry Offset Credits.

“A-Gas is proud to be one of the first project developers for Ecology Offset Credits. Our purpose is to effectively manage the lifecycle of refrigerants to protect and enhance the environment. With the issuance of these credits, A-Gas is providing Washington organizations with a transparent mechanism to build a more sustainable future,” stated Brooke Willard, Carbon Program Director for A-Gas.

“Carbon markets offer the least-cost pathway to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while also supporting other priorities, such as clean air and healthy communities,” said Mary Grady, executive director of ACR. “We’re pleased to be the first Offset Project Registry to issue carbon credits in support of the State of Washington’s commitment to climate action.”