A-Gas Halon Management

A‑Gas manages halons as a critical asset to the aviation industry while being environmentally responsible. Using our expertise in halon management, recycling, and decanting we have been supplying the aviation industry for 25 years. Together we can responsibly manage your halon.

A-Gas Total Solutions

A-Gas offers a variety of products and services for our customers. Read more about all of our unique offerings below! 

  • 1. Procure

    Consistent and proven delivery of Product at agreed specifications to ensure continuity

  • 2. Decant

    When decommissioning systems, support in recycling Halon to be made available for return to market

  • 3. Reclaim

    Technology which allows for the separation of mixed wastes to maximize product available for re-use

  • 4. Recovery

    The ability to collect products from unique areas using the fastest available techniques and technology

  • 5. Consult

    Technical Consultants for variety of Government and Industry Sponsored Working groups including environmental and supply line.

  • 6. Compliance

    Experts in Environmental Regulation and Industry Requirements , our own in house laboratory is world class