Our History

RemTec International, A‑Gas Mexico, A‑Gas Performance Chemicals, Coolgas Inc, Rapid Recovery & Diversified PureChem have come together to form A‑Gas in the Americas, a global industry leader in the full lifecycle management of specialty chemicals.

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Strong Worldwide Network

A‑Gas in the Americas includes A‑Gas Mexico, A‑Gas Performance Chemicals, RemTec International, Coolgas Inc, Rapid Recovery and Diversified Purechem, meaning a wealth of industry experience, and operational facilities spanning over 5 continents. Our health and safety practices meet and exceed industry standards, and we work in a cost effective way.

With a multi-million dollar inventory, a strong worldwide network of suppliers and over 25 years’ experience, you know when you choose to work with us, you are working with one of the most experienced, environmentally and legally compliant companies in the world.

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Global Leader in the Refrigerant, Fire Protection and Blowing Agent Market

A-Gas keeps up to date with the latest industry regulations, technological advances and certifications.

We also provide world-class agent testing services in our on-site laboratory as well as destruction and reclamation services.

All the services and products we offer guarantee accordance with all the latest regulatory requirements.

When you choose to work with A-Gas, you can be sure of the highest quality service from a recognized global leader in the refrigerant, fire protection and blowing agent market.

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Full Lifecycle Management for Refrigerants, Fire Protection Agents and Blowing Agents, Worldwide

In 2012 RemTec International, A-Gas and Coolgas Inc. combined our technical expertise and global network of suppliers and contracts to form A-Gas Americas.

We use our combined experience, facilities and workforce to provide the highest standards of full lifecycle management for refrigerants, fire protection agents and blowing agents, worldwide.

Founded in 1986, RemTec International has been consistently recognized as an industry leader in the environmental management of ozone depleting substances (ODS) and those high in global warming potential (GWP).

Coolgas Inc. was founded in 1994, supplying refrigerant gases and services around the globe, becoming one of the largest distributors of refrigerant gases in the US.

refrigerant gases and performance chemicals
Supply of Refrigerant Gases and Performance Chemicals

A-Gas is an international group of companies with headquarters in the United Kingdom, and a market leader in the supply of refrigerant gases and performance chemicals.

Working together as A-Gas Americas, RemTec International, Coolgas and A-Gas make it our mission to reduce the environmental impact of the refrigerant gas, fire protection agent and blowing agent industries on the atmosphere.

We also run a Carbon Offset Program so you can earn money and carbon credits while helping save the environment.