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Network Refrigerant Cylinder Safety

Did you know that refrigerant recovery cylinders have different pressure ratings and maximum filling capacities? It is unsafe to collect refrigerants into cylinders with the incorrect pressure rating. It is also unsafe to overfill a cylinder, even if it is in the correct cylinder type for its pressure. 

DOT & EPA Compliance of Refrigerant Recovery

  • The recovery weight shall NOT exceed 80% of the recovery cylinder capacity
  • The pressure of the refrigerant at 131 °F shall not exceed 5⁄4 of the cylinder’s service pressure

To comply with these requirements and for the safety of our technicians (and yours), A-Gas will not accept refrigerant in overfilled cylinders or cylinders that do not meet the required service pressure of the refrigerant recovered.

Please verify the weight recovered in each cylinder and each cylinder's required refrigerant service pressure against the provided Refrigerant Maximum Net Recovery Weights Chart (Document #RF132).

If a cylinder is found to be overfilled, the excess gas is required to be transferred into another cylinder. A-Gas will provide the following options:

• A recovery cylinder left on site for the customer to complete the transfer

• A-Gas technician can provide a cylinder transfer service, but there will be a charge

Maximum Cylinder Recovery Weights