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Destruction Services

Turning environmental liabilities into opportunities.

PyroPlas Plasma Arc destruction equipment
Sustainable Destruction

In some cases, the reclamation of refrigerants or fire suppressant gases is not an option because the material is so badly deteriorated it is not feasible to restore the product back to industry standards. It could also be the case that the end-user requires safe destruction of these gases due to a sustainability or ESG mandate. Whatever the reason, A-Gas is capable of destroying refrigerants and fire suppressant gases with a very high destruction efficiency in its plasma arc destruction units.

PyroPlas Unit

A-Gas PyroPlas

To bolster our commitment to responsible halocarbon management, A-Gas recently acquired the leading global producer of plasma arc destruction technology, Salience Solutions. As part of A-Gas, Salience now has the backing of a global refrigerant management company that is committed to environmental excellence and that is capable of deploying this market-leading technology at scale. With the acquisition of Salience, A-Gas has bolstered its ability to provide lifecycle refrigerant management solutions for any situation and in any region.

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