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A-Gas Recovers R407C for International Train Provider in Singapore

At A Glance 

The A-Gas team in Singapore recently signed a three-year contract with Singapore CRRC Puhzen Railway Vehicle Services Pte Ltd. to complete the recovery of a large quantity of R407C from the air conditioning and ventilation systems on its decommissioned trains.

A-Gas’ skilled and adaptable technicians travelled to the Sengkang Depot to complete the project on-site, along with the company’s custom-designed and portable technology. They captured the refrigerant safely and effectively, ensuring none was vented to the atmosphere.

  • Recovering large quantities of R407C from numerous but small charge-size air conditioning and ventilation systems for a major train equipment provider in Southeast Asia.
  • Supplying efficient and convenient refrigerant recovery services to the customer, on-site at its manufacturing, engineering and other depots.
  • Supporting the customer with consistent and high quality recovery services over a long timeframe, ensuring that refrigerant is not released into the atmosphere.
  • Provision of an effective Lifecycle Refrigerant Management (LRM) solution that meets the customer’s requirements.
  • Collaborating to secure a three-year contract between A-Gas and the customer.
  • Use of skilled technicians and portable recovery equipment to ensure the project was completed to a high standard.
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R407C recovered from decommissioned trains in Singapore.