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Lifecycle Refrigerant Management (LRM) at A-Gas

At A-Gas, our Lifecycle Refrigerant Management initiatives help our customers to achieve their sustainability and emissions goals.

A-Gas is a global enabler of Lifecycle Refrigerant Management. We are dedicated to the recovery and subsequent reclamation or safe destruction of used refrigerants.

Managing the lifecycle of refrigerants is an effective way to mitigate their environmental impact. LRM aims to ensure that: “No kilogram or pound of refrigerant, once produced, is released into the atmosphere.”

A-Gas’ LRM activities include:

  • Recovery, reclamation and destruction of used refrigerants. We recover and reclaim used gases to minimise the amount of virgin product being created and, at the same time, prevent their release into the atmosphere. Where the future reuse of refrigerant is no longer possible, A-Gas provides customers and partners with a United Nations-approved destruction technology. Recovery and reclamation are the circular economy in action at A-Gas. Read more about how we enable the circularity of refrigerants here.
  • Supplying lower GWP gases and reclaimed refrigerants. As part of LRM, we supply lower global warming gases and reclaimed refrigerants to enable the transition away from ODS and high GWP virgin refrigerants.

Collecting and reusing waste materials is both economically and environmentally efficient. A “circular” model focuses on reusing what we already have rather than sourcing and producing new materials. A-Gas is leading the way towards improved circularity of refrigerants by supporting our industry to achieve Lifecycle Refrigerant Management, a circular economy solution on the journey towards net-zero.

Its primary focus is to ensure no refrigerants are released into the atmosphere once they are produced. LRM also saves emissions relating to the manufacture of virgin product and facilitates a more gradual transition to lower GWP refrigerants.

LRM demonstrates the circular economy principles that are currently in practice and concentrates on recovering, reclaiming and reusing existing refrigerants.

In 2023, through our recovery, reclamation and destruction activities, it is estimated that we abated over 8.9 million mt of CO2e*. This can be expressed as the equivalent of taking more than 1.8 million cars off the road**.

*a percentage of the total carbon abatement is derived from including the GWP of all Ozone Depleting Substances processed.

**The EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator was used to calculate these CO2 equivalent contributions.