A-Gas brings solutions to a variety of end user markets.
Here are just some of the markets and applications we serve:

  • Agriculture


    Fumigation agents

    A-Gas Rural specialises in the supply of soil fumigation chemicals and application equipment. Our range of Telone and Chloropicrin-based products are used on many high value crops and provide benefits to growers in controlling a wide range of pests, including nematodes, fungi, bacteria, insects and weeds. Once applied, the products move through the soil pore spaces to where many soil-borne pests reside.

    Most common applications:

    • Vegetables, fruit and nut crops, including; carrots, potatoes, melons, tomatoes, pepper and strawberries, pineapples and ginger
    • Field crops, such as cotton, peanuts and tobacco
    • Nursery Crops
    • Tree replants

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    Water Treatment

    A-Zones’ disinfection technology containing electrolytic cells has many applications in agriculture. These include dairy farming, milk processing, intensive poultry rearing, meat processing plants, cold stores and even horticulture. Ozone is a powerful, fast-acting and effective disinfectant that can be employed as an aqueous solution or as a saturating fog. Ozone in solution reverts to oxygen, leaving no chemical residues behind after treatment.

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  • Automotive


    Mobile Air Conditioning (MAC) and transport refrigeration

    There is widespread use of Mobile Air Conditioning (MAC) in cars and light vans. The refrigerant most commonly used in these systems is HFC 134a.

    Refrigerated transport includes refrigerated lorries and vans, refrigerated containers and refrigerated rail wagons, using hydrofluoroolefin (HFO), hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) or hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) refrigerants.

  • Aviation


    Halon management

    Halon is a liquefied, compressed gas that stops the spread of fire by chemically disrupting combustion. It’s an effective fire suppressant for flammable liquids and electrical fires but, due to its ozone depletion potential, halon is now banned under the Montreal Protocol except for ‘essential uses’ such as aircraft for the protection of crew compartments, engine nacelles, cargo bays and dry bays.

    We also offer halon banking and reclamation services. 

  • Building Services

    Building Services

    Insulation agents

    We’re a major supplier of blowing agents used in the manufacture of high-quality insulation foams for the construction industry. The use of these foams helps builders and specifiers meet the increasingly stringent energy efficiency and safety standards demanded by contractors, planning authorities and insurers.

    Refrigerant Recovery & Reclamation

    Recovery is the removal or extraction of refrigerant from an appliance, using a recovery unit. The recovered refrigerant is then transferred to an external storage vessel or container. Our fleet of dedicated recovery cylinders with specialist valve technology allows engineers to retrieve waste refrigerants safely and responsibly. Recovered refrigerants are transferred to our sites under document control with the necessary international and regional legislation being followed. Once on our site the refrigerant is reclaimed.

    Reclamation is the process of taking recovered refrigerant and processing (cleaning) it through a quality-controlled procedure to meet or exceed AHRI 700 purity specifications, the same purity standard used for new refrigerant.

    Air Conditioning

    Refrigerants are used in air conditioning equipment in buildings and other occupied spaces to provide cooling to a comfortable ambient temperature.

    For more information on the range of products available, please visit our refrigerant page.

    Water Treatment

    Offering long life and low maintenance costs, A-Zone has many commercial applications including the treatment of water in building services, and ensures compliance with the HSE’s ACoP L8.

    A-Zone’s ozone cell can be fitted in series, so it can be sized for all building types and sizes, and back-up cells can be fitted to ensure continued treatment.

    Controlled by a smart system, it monitors its own levels, adjusts input accordingly, and can send notifications via email and SMS. The system includes data logging and telemetry, and a full audit trail is provided on a secure website; capturing data every 15 minutes.

    Multi-Site management gives overall control to a service provider, allowing each site to view its own data if required. Remote operation will allow each system to be controlled or turned off from a head office, without the need to dispatch an engineer to site.

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  • Domestic, Office & Leisure

    Domestic, Office & Leisure

    Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC) Systems

    RAC systems are used in various sectors, including:

    • Refrigeration – keeping products and spaces below the ambient temperature
    • Air conditioning – cooling buildings and other occupied spaces to a comfortable ambient temperature
    • Heat pumps – collecting waste heat at a low temperature
  • Electronics


    Speciality chemicals for the electronics industry are available through A-Gas Electronic Materials.

    A-Gas Electronic Materials supplies specialist chemicals and processes to microelectronics, printed circuit board, and packaging and finishing technologies.

    A-Gas Electronic Materials also supports the supply of specialist photosensitive chemicals, plating solutions and processes to customers who use imaging and plating technologies for a variety of applications.

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  • Food Processing, Retail & Cold Rooms

    Food Processing, Retail & Cold Rooms

    A-Gas has mobile recovery units and a large fleet of dedicated recovery/reclaim cylinders, designed for refrigerant recovery during equipment servicing. Tonne drums and ISO containers are available for larger volumes of materials, often found in retail cold stores and food processing industries.

  • Industrial


    Process Cooling

    We offer a full range of refrigerants to the process cooling industry. Alongside our complete range of products we offer technical advice to assist with refrigerant retrofits and advice on complying with local legislation.

    Water treatment

    Through A-Zone Technologies we offer the industrial sector a chemical-free water treatment solution. Our technology is ACoP L8 compliant and sterilises water for process applications. The system enables continuous monitoring with the ability to audit data online.

    It can be used for:

    • Processing water for industrial applications and food processing
    • Ultrapure and deionised water systems used in pharmaceutical and electronic industries
    • Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems in process industries
    • Cooling towers and evaporative condensers
    • Workplace and production machinery ozone-water (OW) fogging systems

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  • Manufacturing
  • Medical


    Metered Dose Inhalers (MDI)

    We offer MDI propellants such as HFC134a and HFC227ea, and solutions to handle waste canisters and reclaim the HFCs gases contained within MDI canisters.

    We have provided exceptional MDI recycling services in Europe and the U.S. for over ten years.

    Our processes ensure:

    • Security – waste products are fully tracked and cannot re-enter the supply chain
    • Environmental responsibility – we reclaim over 90% of MDI propellant in the waste stream and purify it to be re-used as commercial refrigerant
    • Simplicity – we offer a full service solution, managing all scheduling, packaging and transportation to deliver you a fully auditable solution
    • Reliability – we never miss a shipment; our supply chain is flexible to suit your requirements

    Water Treatment Technology

    We offer a chemical-free water treatment system that’s perfect for the medical industry, generating Ozone ‘in water, from water’ which means no chemicals need to be handled or stored.

    • Ozone is a powerful and fast-acting oxidant and disinfectant, treating water much more quickly than chlorine and other traditional methods
    • Ozonated water has an improved colour, taste and odour over chlorinated water
    • Ozone treats a wide variety of waterborne contaminates and ensures the safety of anyone coming into contact with the water
    • Concentrations as low as 25ppb are sufficient to maintain a disinfected water system

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  • Mines


    Refrigeration and air conditioning systems are installed in mines to control temperature and provide ventilation. Chilling the air underground lets miners work safely and ensures the continuous operation of mines. We supply refrigerants that are used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems within the mining industry.

  • Shipping and transportation