A-Gas: Who We Are and What We Do

A-Gas has been growing for 25 years and during that time what we do has contributed to improvements in: living conditions, food supply and safety, medical science, healthcare, transport and travel, technological advances, engineering breakthroughs and scientific discovery.

People around the world come into contact with our products every day. From the refrigerant in the fridges and freezers at your local supermarket to the air conditioning in your car, what we do at A‑Gas is a critical part of modern life.

But we are more than just refrigerant suppliers. Our products and services help our customers worldwide to move to more environmentally friendly products and processes.

About the A-Gas Group

Founded in 1993 with headquarters in Bristol UK, A-Gas is the world leader in the supply and lifecycle management of refrigerant and industrial gases, fire suppressants and blowing agents.

We focus on:

  • Refrigerants

    used for heat exchange in air conditioning and chilling applications.

  • Industrial special products

    including industrial gases used in a variety of applications.

  • Environmental services

    providing full environmental services for the recovery and reclamation of environmentally-sensitive products such as HCFCs, HFCs, halon and associated products.

  • Performance chemicals

    including blowing agents used in the manufacture of insulating foams and electronic processes; and specialist chemicals distributed to the semi-conductor, printed circuit board, electronic and industrial metal finishing, photovoltaic and advanced packaging technology industries.

  • Fire protection

    recovery, reclamation, storage and management of halons, supply and reclamation of clean agent fire suppressants such as HFC227ea, HFC125, and HFC236fa.

Our Locations

A-Gas is an international company with headquarters in the UK and trading subsidiaries in the UK, EuropeSouth AfricaAustralia, South East Asia, China, Thailandthe Americas and Mexico.

Our global locations and expansion into new markets enable us to supply products and services globally in addition to utilising local market knowledge.


We invest in facilities of the highest quality and standards: purpose-built and engineered to the latest technological advances. 

Our engineering teams around the world are dedicated to developing the best services, and our customised automated filling plants and cylinder tracking system ‘Cyltrak’ enable us to fully track our cylinders throughout the supply chain, and give you data for reports.

Using state-of-the-art refrigerant separation facilities, we reprocess unusable halon and refrigerants into usable products. Launched initially in the UK in early 2010, and winning the RAC Cooling Award for Innovation in Refrigeration, our separation technology and expertise are used throughout our business.

From innovative ideas to successful product delivery, our comprehensive development process continuously brings new products and services to the marketplace, including: Trace-A-Gas®, REFRIG HEAL+H CHECK and Gas-Trak Online (GTO)®.

Customer Focus

Strong partnerships with customers and suppliers help us provide a range of solutions that suit you. That’s why we have dedicated relationship managers and customer services teams in all our locations.

We develop new products and services with you in mind – providing the solutions you need to meet your requirements and fulfil your regulatory obligations.

  • SQE

    Health and safety is at the heart of everything we do and we work hard to ensure best practice across the A-Gas Group.

  • Our People & Culture

    We’re a close-knit team and our people around the world are at the heart of our success. 

  • Corporate Responsibility

    We’re committed to our social and business responsibilities, both to our customers and to the wider community around the world. 

  • International Brand

    We’re an industry leader, bringing 20 years’ experience and excellence to our customers all around the world.

  • Directors

    Our experienced Board and Executive Management Team is our in-house team managing every key area of our business.