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25 February 2019

Search, Reuse & Destroy a New Report from the EIA

For nearly 30 years the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) has been a strong force in the advocacy, defense and policy development for global, environmental issues. As the US develops its own plans to address Climate Change on the federal and state levels, EIA has worked with governments and industry leaders in the refrigerants markets to develop both data and proposals to facilitate the phase down and eventual phaseout of HFC’s. Their paper titled, “Search, Reuse, and Destroy: How States Can Take the Lead on a 100 Billion Ton Climate Problem” presents an analysis of the current problem and a pragmatic look at managing the lifecycle of HFC’s and other halocarbons Key to this are refrigerant management, reclaiming and eventual destruction.


A-Gas is proud to work alongside EIA as we too address Climate Change with our Total Solutions approach to halocarbon management and the development of sound environmental policies to enable it.

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