18 September 2017

We've Got You Covered - Future Gas Roadshow

The refrigeration and air-conditioning industry is undergoing substantial change, with current refrigerants being replaced by new low and ultra-low GWP products, which are being developed with and adopted by global equipment manufacturers.

The new refrigerants and the equipment designed for them will present significant changes to the tools, working practices, component standards and safety considerations relating to installation, repair, service and refrigerant recovery.

This year, tens of millions of new systems will be produced around the world that are designed for new low global warming potential HFO, CO2, NH3HC and lower GWP HFC refrigerants such as R32. In the near future, it is expected that every new piece of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment sold in Australia will use one of these refrigerants. Well, A-Gas Australia got you covered. 

Refrigerants Australia, Refrigerant Reclaim Australia, the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors Association and the Australian Refrigeration Council have partnered to deliver a roadshow of educational seminars across Australia to help businesses and technicians in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry prepare for these changes.

Colin Smart (Airefrig), Louis Reeve (Airefrig), Daniel Vella (Airefrig), Jelena Franjic (A-Gas Australia), Jessica Deligiannis (A-Gas Australia), Loretta Raftis (A-Gas Australia) & Mitch Robertson (Airefrig)