09 August 2021

A-Gas Shortlisted for Customer Initiative Award at the Cooling Awards 2021

A-Gas is delighted to announce that the company has been shortlisted for an award at the upcoming RAC Cooling Awards 2021.

The Customer Initiative of the Year award is a new category to the line-up of the Awards. The annual event recognises the environmental progress that the gas industry is achieving, something that A-Gas recognises to be incredibly important.

It is a fantastic achievement to be shortlisted from the hundreds of entries for such a prestigious award, especially as it is from organisation that really strives to achieve A-Gas’ core mission of environmental progress and sustainability.

A-Gas Rapid Recovery has been shortlisted for this award in recognition of their recent project with a major supplier within the petrochemical industry to reduce their carbon footprint, helping to contribute to a more sustainable future.

The “Refrigerant Retrofit – Moving to a Lower GWP Alternative” initiative recovered and reclaimed the R404A that was currently being used by the supplier and replaced it with a lower GWP refrigerant, the reclaimed R404A was then placed back into the market as part of the Circular Economy.

“We at A-Gas know just how much dedication goes into our offering to help our customers move to more environmentally friendly products and services,” comments John McEvoy, Head of Sales and Operations, A-Gas Rapid Recovery, “We are very proud to have been shortlisted for the Customer Initiative of the Year Award, congratulations to our team!”

This year’s Cooling Awards will be held on the 21st of October at Grosvenor House Ballroom, London.

Good luck to all nominees for this year’s awards.

For more information on A-Gas’ project, please read our press release.