31 January 2017

A-Gas receives UL certification for R227

A-Gas has received UL certification for the quality of the R227 (HFC227ea) fire suppressant supplied to customers. This international certification also verifies that the same testing methods used by A-Gas in the supply of other refrigerants, speciality gases and performance chemicals are also compliant with market regulations.

R227 is the dominant HFC used in fire suppressant systems in the UK. It can be employed in computer rooms, telecommunication centres, clean rooms, semi-conductor manufacturing facilities and industrial process rooms.   

A-Gas Laboratory Services Supervisor Carla Martins said:

“We are delighted to receive this certification for R227 which verifies the quality of our product and the high standard of the processes we use to support it. The certification confirmed that our R227 was more than 99.0 per cent pure, with a moisture content less than 10 parts per million and a non volatile residue percentage of less than 0.05. This means that we can tell our customers that the product we are supplying is all it should be.”

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