15 August 2017

A-Gas are Waiting to Give You a Warm Welcome at the China Fire Exhibition 5th to 8th Sep 2017 at Beijing

Being held at the New China International Exhibition Centre in Beijing, China Fire is the largest and most influential international fire protection exposition in China. With 16 successful editions, China Fire enjoys a world reputation with a large exhibition area attracting professional visitors. 

Along with the development of China’s economy and acceleration of China’s city construction, the demand for fire products from Chinese society and the fire department continuously increases. Inheriting the experience of hosting exhibitions for more than thirty years, China Fire Protection Association (CFPA) seeks to establish a golden platform between manufacturers and final users to display products, exchange technology, seek cooperation, and enhance understanding.

The exhibition attracts visitors from over 70 countries, showcasing products from Fire Vehicle, Rescue Equipment to Personal Equipment for Firefighters and Fire products for Buildings. The event is an ideal place for A-Gas to showcase its global Total Solutions offering. A-Gas offers complete lifecycle management of Halon, other ODS HFCs and HCFC gases to the highest environmental standards in line with the Montreal Protocol, and county specific regulations.

A-Gas provide the best environmental outcome for decommissioned Halon 1301 and its replacements in Fire Protection. In addition, we can contribute to your decommissioning costs through the purchase of Halon 1301 and offer halon banking and analysis services.

We offer on-site recovery of your gases using our Rapid Recovery technology and supply the following Clean Agents:

  • HFC227ea
  • HFC125
  • Halon 1301

Visit our representatives at China Fire Hall E4 Booth 106 (E4106) we will be on hand to talk you through our services and look forward to welcoming you.