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A-Gas Urges Government to Recognise Industry in Support of Critical Services

Rows of Recovery cylinders lined up, they have yellow cylinder tops

A‑Gas is calling on the Government to recognise the role of the HVACR industry in providing critical support during the coronavirus pandemic. Cooling engineers are helping to maintain the running of hospitals, care facilities, supermarkets, food processing operations and transport systems. A‑Gas wants the Government to reaffirm its support that this key work can continue on a daily basis.

A‑Gas Operations Director for Europe, Rob Parker, said: “Supply chains in the HVACR industry are so complex it is hard to determine who has permission to continue to operate. At A‑Gas, our primary route to the end-user is via our partnerships with leading wholesalers and in the case of A-Gas Rapid Recovery by working directly with contractors.

“It is clear that our products are supplied into numerous critical infrastructure applications, be that of the NHS, food industry, medicine production, communications and mass transportation. A crisis like this has driven the need for vastly increased support for these critical services. If the Government disturbs this balance it could lead to a temporary slowdown in the effectiveness of these organisations at a time when they are needed most.”

Rob Parker said it was important for A-Gas to strike the right balance in looking after its workers and best supporting the industry, its customers and the critical services our country relies upon.

He said that like many in the industry, A-Gas employees “were going the extra mile” at a time of crisis. Rob Parker added: “As we enter a period where tighter restrictions are being enforced on our communities, with many business functions being restricted, our teams have demonstrated flexibility and dedication.

“To this end, we will remain open for business during these times, and as always, we are enacting the best possible work arrangements focused on employee welfare, in line with our A-Gas safety commitment. Those who have to travel to and from their work, as they cannot work from home, have been given letters by the company explaining the importance of their jobs.

“Our teams are focused on exceeding the Government requirements for hygiene and social distancing while adapting other processes.” He also reported no issues with the availability of refrigerants and highlighted the key role that reclamation was playing.

This appeal by A-Gas for greater clarity follows the news that the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE) and the European refrigeration and air conditioning component manufacturers’ group ASERCOM insist that their members’ operations are vital to maintaining the health, safety, productivity and comfort of citizens while measures are taken to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus.