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A-Gas Supports EIA to Combat Illegal Trade in HFCs

engineer handling gas cyclinder

As part of our continued commitment to the phase down of HFCs and the industry achieving its climate goals, A‑Gas recently welcomed the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) to our UK site to interview John Ormerod, Managing Director for A‑Gas in Europe.

The interview features as part of the EIA's latest video exposé, Europe’s Most Chilling Crime, which uncovers the black market of virgin HFC refrigerant gases across Europe. It reveals how illegal imports are ignoring F‑Gas Regulation, quotas and compromising efforts to change to gases with a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP). Furthermore, the piece also highlights how the trade of illegal virgin HFCs is slowing the growth of circular economy initiatives, such as the recovery and reclamation of used gases, in which A‑Gas is the market leader.

To support these findings, A‑Gas recently co-signed a letter that was submitted to the European Commission and its policymakers calling for stricter enforcement to put a stop to the HFC black market. Together with 52 other organisations, and representing more than 50,000 companies from across Europe, the aim is to put an end to the illegal trade in HFC’s.

You can watch Europe’s Most Chilling Crime – The Illegal Trade in HFC Refrigerant Gases here.