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A-Gas Partners with Peng Chuan Engineering Construction Pte Ltd. to Recover High GWP Refrigerant During a Demolition Project in Singapore

At A Glance

Peng Chuan Engineering Construction Pte Ltd was contracted to demolish the Tampines 11 Concourse Building in Singapore. While surveying the site, it found 104 air-conditioning units containing nearly one tonne of R410A, which has a high Global Warming Potential (GWP) if released to atmosphere.

A-Gas contacted Peng Chuan Engineering Construction Pte Ltd. and offered them an efficient and reliable recovery solution that would prevent the refrigerant being released. It recovered the gas using skill, efficiency, and great organisation in partnership with the customer.

  • Safely and effectively recover R410A (a HFC with a high Global Warming Potential) from 104 air-conditioning units, to prevent its potential release to atmosphere.
  • Supporting the customer in achieving their own Corporate Social Responsibility goals.
  • Recovering the refrigerant within a short timeframe, due to the building awaiting imminent demolition.
  • Partnering with Peng Chuan Engineering Construction Pte Ltd. and providing a fast and effective refrigerant management solution as the air-conditioning units have reached the end of their lifecycle.
  • Effective recovery of refrigerant to the customer’s satisfaction.
  • Use of portable and flexible equipment to provide an expert on-site service.
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R410A recovered from 104 air-conditioning units.