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A-Gas Partners With Local Charity in Singapore to Celebrate 30 Years

To celebrate 30 years of A-Gas, its team in Singapore partnered with local charity Helping Joy to give something back to its local community.

Founded in 2012, Helping Joy offers invaluable support to disadvantaged people through cleaning services for the elderly, giving free vegetarian food to low-income families and treating people with dignity as they reach old age. Part of its vision is providing people with essential items that make everyday life easier.

After meeting at the community centre of the designated Singapore Housing & Development Board (HBD) area, over 30 A-Gas team members prepared 100 goody bags. 

These contained essential items including toothbrushes, face masks, toiletries and hot lunches prepared by Helping Joy. The team then distributed the bags straight to the doorsteps of 100 elderly residents and their families. Both the local community and Helping Joy were greatly appreciative of A-Gas’ efficiency and dedication in delivering the goody bags. 

Around the world, A-Gas teams are proud to support their local communities and play a part in making a difference. We would like to thank everybody who took part, and Helping Joy for the work they do every day.