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A-Gas on the Most Sustainable Refrigerant Solutions

The experts at A-Gas share the process behind sustainable refrigerant solutions.

collection of industrial gas cylinders

Reducing impact and ultimately leaving the planet in the best shape possible is the foundation for global chemical company A‑Gas. They differ from other chemical companies in that they go full circle with their products—from conception to end-of-life and safe destruction.

A‑Gas works with a variety of specialty chemicals—including refrigerants—on recovery, destruction, buyback, and reclamation, among other things. If they can’t find a sustainable solution to meet customers’ needs, they will invest in the technology to do so. “We want to limit the effects new production can have on the environment while still providing the critical-use products to consumers that allow them to maintain the lifestyle they are used to,” says Robert Hennessy, chief commercial officer at A‑Gas.

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