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A-Gas Executes Emergency Halon Recovery Job on Aircraft

At a Glance

One of our customer’s cargo plane’s Halon fire suppression systems had been released into a manifold and would need to be recovered as quickly as possible. The down plane cost our customer $800,000 each day the plane was out of service. Having been a fire protection customer, they reached out to A-Gas for assistance recovering the Halon safely and quickly. 


  • Safe Halon recovery 
  • Speedy Halon recovery 
  • Mitigate an $800,000 per day loss for each day the cargo plane was down 
  • Eliminate the potential 20-day mandatory downtime and overhaul procedure


  • Economic: Got a cargo plane back into operation, stopping the $800,000 per day expense for each day the plane was out of commission

  • Environmental: Safe recovery of Halon, eliminating harmful venting

  • Other: Reliable partner dedicated to collaborative problem solving

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209lbs of Halon was recovered. 

Eliminated CO2 emissions equivalent to the emissions from 84 homes’ energy use for one year.  

A close up of a person working with a large red half ton cylinder

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