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A-Gas Vision and Values

Every day, people around the world come into contact with our products, often without even knowing it. From the refrigerant in the fridges and freezers at your local supermarket to the air conditioning in your car, hotel or leisure facilities, what we do at A-Gas is a critical part of modern life.

But we are more than just refrigerant suppliers, we are also market leaders in Fire Protection, Carbon Offsets and our Rapid Recovery network scans the globe. Our products and services help our customers worldwide to move to more environmentally friendly products and processes.

Each of us has a different A‑Gas story. Our tagline, Together We Can, aims to shape a different narrative for every individual that shares a relationship with us as we work together to achieve a common goal.

A-Gas Vision and Mission

The regulatory pressures that drive our industry have led A-Gas to adopt a circular economy approach to business. This means we utilise existing product rather than just consistently creating new. By safely recovering and reclaiming the product that is already out there, we help to minimise waste by extending the product lifecycle and providing more environmentally conscious solutions.

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    We reduce the amount of new material manufactured and placed on the market, limiting greenhouse gas emissions and helping our industry meet its regulatory objectives.

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    Our state-of-the-art technology puts A-Gas at the forefront of our industry, providing innovative solutions that extend the lifecycle of products

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    Our extensive product and service offering provides global solutions for those looking to adopt a more environmentally friendly way of working

A-GAS VISION: To supply innovative and sustainable environmental solutions which involve more than just the molecule.