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A-Gas Welcomes Local MP Liam Fox to its UK Site

Recently, A-Gas was pleased to welcome Dr Liam Fox to its facility at Portbury, UK. As the Member of Parliament for North Somerset since 1992, he takes a great interest in the local community.

Dr Fox actively visits regional businesses to find out who they are, what they do and how they can have a positive impact on the economy and the environment.

He had researched A-Gas’ commitments to the environment, such as our values, purpose and our Net-Zero Pledge – to become a net-zero company by 2035. He is especially interested in the way in which the company decarbonises the industries it serves by providing effective Lifecycle Refrigerant Management (LRM) solutions.

It was great for Dr Fox to get an insight into how LRM services reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere, by utilising a circular economy approach. By recovering, reclaiming and repurposing (and where no future re-use is possible, safely destroying) refrigerants, we are helping to build a sustainable future.

Members of the Leadership Team then took him on a tour of the Portbury site. This was a great opportunity for him to see what the business does directly, and how it benefits both the wider heating and cooling industries. 

John Ormerod, Managing Director for A-Gas in Europe, said of the of the visit:

“We enjoyed the opportunity to welcome Dr Fox at A-Gas once again. We always relish the opportunity to bring attention to what our business can offer the economy on both a local and global level, and we are delighted that Dr Fox has taken an interest in how our products and services can both boost business and protect the environment”.

The visit was a great success, and we look forward to welcoming Dr Fox back in the future.