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A-Gas UK Launch New Branded Trailer Curtains!
industrial gas cylinder yellow shrouds

At A-Gas, our brand is as important as the products and services we provide. It is the promise we make to our customers, the fundamental nature of our business and the overall experience of working with A-Gas. Every time our brand appears it should be given the same respect and care that goes into our products and services.

Since the Covid pandemic, A-Gas branded trailer curtains have been missing and all A-Gas deliveries have been made utilising the branding of our logistics partner.

The need for something that could effectively showcase A-Gas was identified, and as a result thanks to well-coordinated work among different internal departments, the UK now have four trailer curtains designed and ready to bring the A-Gas brand around the country.

“This is a huge improvement on what we had in place”. “The trailer curtains really needed replacing and these new curtains provide brand recognition for our existing and potential customers”. J.B (Head of Site and Operations)

Thank you to all involved in completing this project and bringing our trailer curtains in line with the A-Gas brand.