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AGAS - Together we can

What We Do

Our global team is made up of highly-skilled, professional and committed people who understand the importance of our service to customers across the world and our environmental responsibility.

Building a Sustainable Future

People around the world come into contact with our products every day. From the refrigerant in the fridges and freezers at your local supermarket to the air conditioning in your car. What we do at A-Gas is a critical part of modern life.

But we are more than just refrigerant suppliers. Our products and services help our customers worldwide to move to more environmentally friendly products and processes.

Our story begins in Bristol back in 1993. Fast-forward to now, we’re an international business, still headquartered just outside of Bristol, yet with locations across Europe, South Africa, Australia, South East Asia, China, Thailand and The Americas.

It’s our global presence that enables us to align ourselves with landmark agreements like the Montreal Protocol and play an important environmental role in the phase-out of ozone-depleting substances.

Our Net-Zero Pledge

A-Gas is committed to becoming a net-zero company by 2035. It is an ambitious target that cannot be achieved alone, but Together, We Can.

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Recovery, Reclamation, Repurposing

Our unique offerings of recovery, reclamation and repurposing services are hallmarks of a circular economy: collecting waste and reusing it is both commercially and environmentally efficient.

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We use the most efficient UN-approved technology to destroy materials that no longer have a use. Our ‘end of life’ service prevents the material being vented and causing harm to our planet.

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CO2e Abatement

As a result of our reclamation and destruction efforts, we abated the equivalent of 7.7 million metric tons of CO2 in 2020 alone. That’s equal to 1.6 million cars removed from the road for an entire year.

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Lower GWP Products

As the world transitions to the use of lower global warming products, we’re a critical player in bringing theses products to end users, while lifecycle managing all previous generations of gases.

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