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International Women’s Day 2024

At A-Gas, we take great pride in sharing the stories, achievements and experiences of our female colleagues. On International Women’s Day 2024, we are highlighting some of the fantastic women who play a crucial role in our global operations.

The theme this year is “#InspireInclusion”. To recognise their dedication, we reached out to women from a diverse range of regions and departments to offer their perspectives and highlight the vital contribution they make to the company.  

Each of them brings something vibrant and unique to their respective roles, working hard and helping us maintain A-Gas’ high cultural and operational standards at various levels of the business. Here, they talk about their experiences, backgrounds and how they feel as women working in the refrigerant industry. 

Anna Cangas, People & Culture Business Partner, A-Gas in Singapore

At A-Gas, our people are the most important part of what we do. Without our global teams, A-Gas wouldn’t be the market leader it is today. We work together as a team every day, sharing our values and experiences as we work towards our goals.

Anna Cangas has worked at A-Gas for almost a year and has been working in HR for over a decade. Anna is responsible for the implementation of the A-Gas People & Culture strategies in Singapore, while supporting the local teams with any Culture-related projects or questions they may have.

Below, she discusses the importance of developing and empowering female colleagues and why she loves working at A-Gas.

What is your background and how did you come to work for A-Gas?

I worked as a generalist People & Culture team member in the Oil and Gas industry and I was approached for the role which I find to be very interesting and challenging.

What is it, in your opinion, about the company’s culture that makes it such a special place to work?

I think it is the great support, not just from the local teams, but also the passionate collaboration from other teams in different regions that makes A-Gas such a nice place to work.

Why is it important to develop and empower female colleagues in the refrigerant industry?

Given the niche environment and male-centric industry, female colleagues bring different perspectives and balance to the table with the different skillsets that women naturally have. Diversity is encouraged and allows us to inspire other women so that we can be as successful as we can in our own ways!

Faye Maddocks, Group Commercial and Marketing Development Manager, A-Gas Group

Faye Maddocks has worked at A-Gas for over a decade now, and has an incredible progression story with us. Having joined in her early 20s, she has spent time working as part of the Australian and European teams, gaining a vast knowledge of how best to market A-Gas as a global refrigerant industry leader in several countries.

Based in the UK, she now oversees multiple areas of the company’s business strategy, providing all our departments and regions with support and development opportunities wherever possible.

Below, she talks about the changes she’s seen at A-Gas over the years and how Marketing can play a role in attracting women to the refrigerant industry.

What are the major changes and progressions you’ve seen during your time at A-Gas? 

This year marks my 15th Year at A-Gas. Throughout my time here I have seen A-Gas move from being a refrigerant re-packer and distributor to so much more than that. Today we enable Lifecycle Refrigerant Management through our market-leading product and service offering. Something we should all be proud to be part of. It is great to be able to say that we make a difference and prevent the release of material into the atmosphere. 15 years ago our story was a little different – “we sold refrigerant”.

How do you think Marketing initiatives can encourage women to join the refrigerant industry?

Our industry has historically been male-dominated. In today’s world, this is changing as we see more women enter our industry. There are a number of industry networks dedicated to women (I am part of the Women In HVAC industry network run by the Institute of Refrigeration which is great for connecting other females together). Sharing stories, and seeing others succeed in our industry is a great way to encourage women to get involved. 

What are you most excited about for the future of A-Gas?  

A-Gas has a great future ahead. Our ability to support others as they deliver on their environmental goals, while working towards our own Net-Zero Pledge, is an exciting journey to be on.

Mafalda Musti, Safety, Quality and Environment (SQE) Manager, A-Gas Italia

A-Gas’ Safety, Quality and Environment (SQE) culture is vital to our success when it comes to protecting our employees, customers and the environment through our high safety standards.

Mafalda Musti is the SQE Manager for A-Gas Italia. She has been a valuable asset to the team since she joined, working hard to develop and implement a safety culture that keeps the Italian business running smoothly. We asked her about her background, our SQE strategy and empowering women within the industry.

How did you become aware of A-Gas, and what made you decide to apply for a job here?

I learned about A-Gas when I saw the job opportunity while browsing the A-Gas website. I became aware of the type of products and services A-Gas sells, how long it has been in business, the accomplishments and the company culture, and so became interested in this specialised field. Both my school background and job experiences in research centres and the chemical industry inspired me to apply for a job here.

What, in your opinion, is the most attractive thing about A-Gas’ Safety, Quality and Environment (SQE) strategy?

I love the aim to keep the world changing, moving and improving by prioritising two things:

  1. the health and safety of the team, customers and guests, by thinking and acting safely, always, and
  2. protecting and enhancing the environment and mitigating emissions to the atmosphere by sharing best practices and continuously improving where possible.

What does the refrigerant industry need to do to empower women to apply for jobs?

The refrigerant industry could emphasise that different attitudes, new points of view or ideas for the future are welcome. In addition, it could share stories and bring examples of how this industry offers women career opportunities, moving beyond any gender stereotypes.

Noluthando Sikhakhane, Junior Sales Representative, South Africa

Noluthando “Nolu” Sikhakhane is one of A-Gas in Africa’s most recent recruits. Beginning her journey at the company in September 2023 as a Junior Sales Representative, she is a young graduate with a keen interest in refrigerants and how they can be used to protect and enhance the environment.

Here, she talks about what her A-Gas experience has been like so far and why she thinks it is important for young women to apply for jobs in the HVACR industry.

What made you decide to apply for a job at A-Gas?

I applied for a job at A-Gas because I had an interest in the industry. I wanted to challenge myself in trying out an entirely new career in Sales and A-Gas offered that. I wanted to utilise the skills I have to bring something new and vibrant to the business.

What has been your experience of working as part of our Commercial Team so far?

My experience thus far has been great! I have been welcomed with open arms by my team, and not only have I learnt so much but I have also gained so much confidence in the short while I have been here.

The industry knowledge I have gained has grown tremendously due to everyone in the business being so helpful and always willing to assist me. I have been able to independently step into my own identity while representing A-Gas daily.

I have been challenged in different ways and through that, I have seen individual growth and feel like an asset to the team.

Why is it important for young women to apply for jobs in the HVACR industry?

Statistics show that there is a very low percentage of women in the HVACR industry, so it is important for young women to apply for jobs because we need more representation in an industry that is primarily male-dominated. Young women need to fill up spaces in all industries because they are skilled, capable, and deserving.

Sandra Smith, Refri-Claim Lead, USA

Sandra Smith, known affectionately as “YaYa” by her colleagues, is A-Gas’ Refri-Claim Lead at the Bowling Green site in Ohio, USA. She joined the business as an Operator in 2020 having previously worked in the home healthcare industry, and has progressed through the ranks to become one of the Bowling Green team’s trusted and reliable leaders.

We asked Sandra about what drew her to a role at A-Gas in the first place, her experience working in a male-dominated field and the challenges she sees ahead in the HVACR industry.

As a woman in the HVACR industry, what do you see as the biggest challenge for yourself and other female colleagues?

My primary challenge lies in charting a course for advancement within the company and honing my supervisory abilities. I recognise there is ample opportunity for personal growth and a wealth of knowledge to gain within the organisation. I'm fully prepared to confront the obstacles and challenges that lie ahead, tackling them head-on with determination.

What initially drew you to the role of Operator at A-Gas?

Initially, I was attracted to the Operator role at A-Gas because I anticipated the challenge of diving into the world of refrigerants. My familiarity was limited to R134A, owing to my experience with an old, weathered Nissan Murano that required an air conditioning recharge every summer. When the opportunity arose to delve into the workings of A-Gas, I eagerly embraced it and made the most of it. Over my four years in this role, I've found immense satisfaction in accomplishing the goals and tasks assigned to me. Additionally, I take pleasure in the camaraderie with my colleagues, mentoring them and hopefully spreading positive vibes. The strong sense of teamwork we share makes each day enjoyable at work.

What is it like to work as an Operator in a mostly male-dominated role?

Being in a predominantly male-dominated field has not had any impact on me. I find joy in collaborating with both men and women. I approach each workday with confidence, fully aware of my capability to tackle any task. My skills and strength have earned admiration from many male colleagues, further bolstering my self-assurance. In this role, I lead and support a diverse team of both men and women in their day-to-day operations.