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AGAS - Together we can


A-Gas is committed to protecting the environment by effectively managing the lifecycle of refrigerants to build a sustainable future.

Together, We Can Build a More Sustainable Future

Our Contribution

Refrigerant gas runs through systems that keep our food cold, keep our buildings habitable and, as Halon, is even used to protect aircraft in the event of a fire. But have you ever thought about what happens to this gas when those systems are no longer required?

This is when there is the greatest risk that the used gas could be released into the atmosphere, becoming a contributing factor in accelerating global warming. By using our expertise and approach to the lifecycle management of gases, A‑Gas reduces this risk.

For 30 years, through our first-class recovery, reclamation, and repurposing processes, we have been capturing refrigerant gas for future re-use or safe destruction, preventing its harmful release into the atmosphere.

What we do at A‑Gas makes a significant contribution to protecting our planet. On an annual basis, if we were to add together all of the used gas that our expert teams across the globe recover, reclaim or repurpose, its CO2* could be expressed as the equivalent to:

Shaping Our Future - A-Gas Attends COP26

Businesses from around the world attended COP26 in Glasgow, businesses that share the common goal of exploring ways of reducing carbon emissions.