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Refrigerant Health Check (RHC)


RHC is designed to allow system owners to test the working fluids of a running system to establish whether the fluids are contaminated. The results are accompanied by expert advice for remediation of any problems.


  • Industrial Refrigeration
    Industrial Refrigeration
  • Commercial Refrigeration
    Commercial Refrigeration

Packaging information

  • Single units
  • Available from A-Gas wholesale partners. Use the 'Find a supplier' box to the right for further details.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Our RHC kit includes a refrigerant sample cylinder, an oil test kit, and all necessary equipment to extract samples from a system. It is an ideal kit to use for systems that have operating problems or a kit to be added as a valuable tool in your annual preventative maintenance program. Tests on refrigerant check: purity, composition, non-volatile residue, acidity, moisture, chloride and particulates. Test on oil check: moisture, acid number, viscosity, oxidation index, particulates, metal ion analysis.

Environmental Impact

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