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Safe and Efficient Recovery of Waste Refrigerant from Decommissioned Gas Cylinders

Rows of Recovery cylinders lined up, they have yellow cylinder tops

At a Glance

The customer is one of Australia’s leading waste management providers with extensive operations throughout Australia. One of their waste management facilities located in New South Wales accepts and processes hazardous goods, including end-of-life gas cylinders.

However, when cylinders received are not completely empty and contain residual gas, they can’t be processed for metal recycling. Over the years, the facility received hundreds of used cylinders containing a mix of ozone depleting and high global warming potential substances, but didn’t have the appropriate equipment and training to safely recover these waste substances.


  • Customer unable to recycle metal from used cylinders due to ozone depleting substances content
  • Mitigate environmental impact by preventing potential gas leaks from decommissioned cylinders
Metal crates filled with gas cylinders


  • Best practice refrigerant recovery enabling safe and efficient recovery of harmful ozone depleting and high global warming potential refrigerants prevented potential leaks into atmosphere
  • Recycling of decommissioned gas cylinders
White van in yard next to gas cylinders

It’s so important that any refrigerant residue from decomissioned systems including cylinders are safely recovered and responsibly disposed of, to ensure there’s no potential for it to be leaked to the atmosphere.

Daniel Tanaskovic , Sales and Operations Manager, A-Gas Rapid Recovery, Australia

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Fully equipped A-Gas Rapid Recovery® trucks, utilising high-speed recovery technology enables safe and efficient refrigerant recovery on-site.

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