A-Gas in Australia operates at the cutting edge of our industry.

About A-Gas in Australia

A‑Gas in Australia, part of the A‑Gas Group, has over 25 years’ experience in the supply and lifecycle management of refrigerants, service gases and associated products. We have custom built facilities in Laverton, Melbourne and a wider A‑Gas network globally.

We operate at the cutting edge of our industry. With a focus on continuously adapting our product and service offering to meet the ever-changing needs of our industry, A-Gas is your solutions provider of choice. We specialise not only in the supply of refrigerants and associated products, but also in the recovery and reclamation of used gases.

Our market leading approach to product development has seen A-Gas continuously add to its offering in line with market demands, industry legislation and customer requirements. We are at the forefront of our industry, always looking for alternative or new products and solutions. With a strong focus on new product development and innovation, you can rely on A-Gas in Australia during times of change.

  • QC laboratory tests

    A Continual Eye on Quality

    A-Gas carries out monthly QC laboratory tests on our bulk storage vessels at our facility in Melbourne to guard against build-up of contaminants such as NCG (air) which can accumulate in the vessel vapour space.

  • Laboratory Testing at Source

    A-Gas sources most of its refrigerant from China. A-Gas has built a laboratory in Shanghai to analyse product against AHRI 700 standard before it is shipped. A-Gas ensures it carries out all sampling activities at the suppliers’ site returning samples to the Shanghai laboratory in person to ensure accurate test results.

  • The Highest Quality Cylinder fleet

    A-Gas procure our cylinders and valves from quality approved suppliers who hold ISO 9001 accreditation. A-Gas runs a licenced gas cylinder test station where cylinders are maintained, re-tested and internally solvent cleaned to the highest standard.

  • Laboratory Testing in Melbourne

    A-Gas has a laboratory at their facility in Melbourne that QC (quality control) tests product that arrives on site against AHRI 700 Standard. This double quality control process ensures no refrigerant is ever filled into A-Gas cylinders that is not AHRI 700 compliant.

  • Refill/ Backfill Protection

    Every A-Gas cylinder goes out to market with a ‘Refill Prevention Device,’ a one way valve installed in the cylinder outlet to prevent the cylinder from being backfilled allowing contaminant ingress. If the RPD is missing, cylinders are internally solvent cleaned before being introduced back to the fleet.

  • Laboratory Testing of Purchased Bulk Vessels Prior to Repackaging

    A-Gas procures in bulk quantities allowing tonnes of refrigerant to be QC passed with one laboratory test (rather than purchasing pre-filled cylinders where QC is not possible). A-Gas’s cylinder filling processes ensure best practice is followed and contamination isn’t introduced.

  • Certificate of Conformance

    A-Gas is happy to supply C of C for our gases on request if required for quality audit purposes.

  • Our Guarantee

    We are so confident in our quality that our cylinders and the product they contain have our quality guarantee. We don’t think you will need to use it but it’s nice to know it is there!

  • A-Gas AU has 10 bulk storage tanks, with blending facilities providing total storage capacity of over 500 tonnes. Further investment is currently being made in additional cylinders and plant for our new venture into OFN (Oxygen Free Nitrogen) and other industrial gases, such as refrigerant grade carbon dioxide (CO2).

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