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Drop-a-JUG™ Refrigerant Cylinder Recycling Program

New Zealand’s solution to the disposable cylinder problem. 

What is Drop-a-JUG™?

Drop-a-JUG™ is New Zealand’s solution to the disposable cylinder problem. It is an innovative recycling program that provides HVACR contractors with a free, easy, and environmentally responsible way to recycle used disposable refrigerant cylinders.

Disposable refrigerant cylinders contain synthetic greenhouse gases that are harmful to the environment when released to atmosphere. As a leader in lifecycle refrigerant management, A-Gas is dedicated to capturing refrigerants gases for future re-use or safe destruction, preventing harmful release into the atmosphere.

When you partner with A-Gas as a Drop-a-JUG™ refrigerant cylinder drop off location, you’re playing an important role in helping the industry reduce its emissions. Every gram counts.

Why is it important to responsibly dispose of refrigerant gas cylinders?

Refrigerant cylinders contain synthetic greenhouse gases that are harmful to the environment when leaked to atmosphere. It is illegal in New Zealand to purposely vent refrigerant to the atmosphere.

In our industry, one of the best ways to protect the environment is to prevent the release of potentially harmful refrigerants and other gases to atmosphere. Under the New Zealand Waste Minimisation Act 2008, refrigerants have been declared a ‘priority product’, which means all importers, distributors, resellers and owners of refrigerant are required to safely and responsibly dispose of refrigerant that is no longer required, including the small amount of refrigerant left in used disposables. Towards Zero, Together.

Register as a Drop-Off Location

What is the cost of participating in the recycling program?

There is NO COST to participate in the disposable refrigerant cylinder recycling program.

Business Owners: When you register as a Drop-a-JUG™ partner, a disposable refrigerant cylinder collection crate will be delivered to your site and when full, cylinders will be collected by A-Gas free of charge. Just ring our Customer Service team on 0800 992 427 to book a collection.

HVAC-R Professionals: Simply drop off your used disposable refrigerant cylinders at any Drop-a-JUG™ drop-off locations near you. There is no sign up process or costs to have your used disposable refrigerant cylinders recycled and responsibly managed. 


Become a Drop-a-JUG™ Partner

Simply register online to become a Drop-a-JUG™ drop-off point. Together, we can build a sustainable future.