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Efficient Recovery of High GWP Refrigerants From Flood-Damaged Supermarket Refrigeration Systems Prevent Potential Leaks

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Following the devastating February 2022 floods in Lismore, New South Wales, it was imperative for this leading supermarket to recover high global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant from severely damaged refrigeration systems to prevent any potential leaks.

With no mains power and a tight time-frame, the A-Gas Rapid Recovery team quickly and safely recovered high GWP refrigerant gas from flood-damaged refrigeration systems across two stores.

This efficient service supported the supermarket in their flood recovery plan, while also mitigating the risks of any potential leaks to atmosphere.


  • Mitigate environmental impact by preventing potential refrigerant gas leaks from severely damaged refrigeration systems
  • Loss of mains power added challenges to overall flood recovery operations
  • Have stores up and running again as quickly as possible


  • Efficient recovery of high GWP refrigerants prevented potential leaks to atmosphere
  • Rapid Recovery trucks are self powered - no need for mains power
industrial gas cylinder yellow shrouds

Due to the severity of the floods, we knew how important it was to quickly and safely recover refrigerant from these severely damaged refrigeration systems to avoid any environmental impacts and allow for the stores to open up for its customers as quickly as possible.

Brett Ferguson, Managing Director, A-Gas (Australia)

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The A-Gas Rapid Recovery on-site recovery service is a good example of how having the right equipment can make a real difference at a time when it matters.

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