Regulations and Legislation

The majority of product and services supplied by A‑Gas are derived from the rapid development and commercialisation of CFC’s and related products (refrigerants, propellants and fire suppressants) also known as Halocarbons.

The most important international regulatory regimes and regulations shaping our industry and indeed our business are Ozone Depletion & The Montreal ProtocolGlobal Warming & The Kyoto Protocol. The success of the Montreal Protocol, which 197 nations globally agreed to the phase out in production of Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) has in part lead to the initiative to migrate HFC based products away from the Kyoto and instead manage them under Montreal. Thus from 2016 HFC based products will be included within the Montreal Protocol and their emissions managed by an internationally binding product phase down, The Kigali Amendment 

Our Environmental Services division offering recovery, reclamation and destruction amongst other services is just one example developed from our commitment to support complete lifecycle management. Our products and services help you fulfil your regulatory obligations and stop unnecessary emissions to the atmosphere. We assist you to comply with your local regulatory requirements and your environmental commitments.  

Our team of experts are on hand to assist you with your questions on local regulations, please contact your local A‑Gas office for assistance.