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R123 is a HCFC, which replaced R11 in low pressure centrifugal chillers. It is being phased out due to its high ozone depleting potential.

Packaging Information



  • Available from A‑Gas wholesale partners - find a supplier for further details
  • Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area, out of direct sunlight.
  • For alternatives, please contact A‑Gas on 0215518790 or via the Contact Us form


Commercial Refrigeration

Industrial Refrigeration


*Centrifugal chillers

Product Features and Benefits

  • R123 equipment has been engineered with the correct materials of construction and sized properly for the intended job
  • Retrofitting existing R11 chillers to R123 may require replacement of seals, gaskets, and other system components to obtain the correct operation conditions and prevent leaks
  • The ASHRAE safety rating for R123 is B, which indicates that lower levels for personal exposure are allowed in normal daily operation and service conditions
  • Extra Precautions and machinery room requirements must be observed (specific requirements are spelled out in the ASHRAE Standard 15, Safety Code for Mechanical Refrigeration)