Halon Services

For over 25 years, A‑Gas has specialised in offering a wide variety of fire protection products and services worldwide, from halon purchasing to recharging, recycling, and recovery.

Our Halon buyback service is quick and easy, with our expert team ensuring the process is completed in line with compliance regulations.

To discuss your Halon requirements, please contact us using the form below. 

What Is Halon?

  • Halon is a fire suppressant agent found in both fire suppression systems (Halon 1301) and fire extinguishers (Halon 1211). 
  • This is the most effective extinguishing agent available. 
  • Halon is a clean agent, which means it leaves no residue when used, so it causes no damage to your property. 

Is Halon Banned?

  • The use of Halon is not banned, however the manufacturing of Halon globally is banned due to its Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS). 
  • In 1987, the Montreal Protocol found Halon was damaging to the environment.