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Product Summary

HFC-227ea (Heptafluropropane), sold under The Chemours Company's trademark FM-200™, is a widely accepted replacement for Halon 1301. Since the production of CFC’s and bromine containing compounds has ceased, HFC-227ea has been introduced as an environmentally acceptable alternative. HFC-227ea leaves no residue on valuable equipment after discharge and can be used to protect a wide range of applications. It contains no bromine or chlorine and does not contribute to the destruction of the stratospheric ozone.

In partnership with Chemours, A-Gas offers reclaimed FM-200, sold as FM-200R™ (R for Reclaimed). FM-200R has the same extinguishing concentrations as FM-200, also with FM approval.

With FM-200R, A-Gas and Chemours are helping those with legacy FM-200 systems expand and maintain their systems by providing them with access to this essential product. In offering reclaimed FM-200, A-Gas and Chemours are enabling the industry to utilize a reprocessed and reclaimed, circular option for their first fill needs, supporting enterprise sustainability goals. By utilizing existing products, A-Gas is incentivizing the recovery and safe capture of fire suppressants. This helps to eliminate any release of the chemical to the atmosphere and the need to produce new agents.

Alternative Names

FM-200® (Trademark of The Chemours Company), FE-227™ (Trademark of DuPont), Heptafluoropropane, Apaflurane, HFC-227ea, R-227ea, HFC-227