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New Legislation to Phase Down HFCs in the US: Reclaim is Key to its Success

engineer handling gas cyclinder

The end of 2020 saw a bright spot in a monumental year that will not soon be forgotten.  The AIM Act passed through Congress and will set the stage for the EPA to set new rules for the phase down of Hydrofluorocarbon Refrigerants(HFC’s) in the United States.  The passing of this legislation was a necessary prerequisite for the new Biden Administration to ask the Senate to ratify the international Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol. This ratification would re-establish U.S. global leadership in the effort to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions.

On the heels of 2020, the first year in which HCFC R-22 was no longer produced or imported into the U.S., this new policy will pave the way for the further reduction of greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. A-Gas is actively preparing for the future with its investment in additional separation technology at their Rhome, Texas facility. President of the Americas business Mike Armstrong remarked, “We’ve been growing our technology footprint in anticipation of these new regulations, not only at a state level, but on a national level as well. In addition to our investment in technology, we have made a significant investment in our refrigerant recovery services to ensure customers that their material will be recovered safely and in compliance with all applicable regulations. We are focused on helping manufacturers reduce their carbon footprint by utilizing the circular lifecycle of these refrigerants. Every pound of high-quality, reclaimed refrigerant reduces the need for virgin components and puts money back into our U.S. economy.”

As regulations are looming on the national front, businesses should prepare for the future to ensure they are able to support their customers through this transition.  A-Gas is preparing its employees to assist our customers with this planning process by keeping them educated on all of the upcoming regulatory changes.  VP of Refrigerants, Taylor Ferranti said, “Our team is laser focused on making sure they can provide our customers with the best solutions for their businesses. We have the benefit of having expertise from our colleagues and customers around the world that have already been through phasedowns of HFCs in their respective regions. We are ready to provide the most effective, tailored solutions that best fit your economic and environmental responsibilities and requirements.”