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California Compliance Update

State of California Refrigerant Recovery

engineer handling gas cyclinder

In accordance with the California Code, Health and Safety Codes all hazardous material are identified as a hazardous waste unless it is or will be recycled under the methods listed in 25143.2(b) shall be excluded from classification as a waste and managed in accordance with section 25143.9 by marking the container or tank with the words “Excluded Recyclable Material” instead of the words “Hazardous Waste”. 

The generator is considered the entity that will be performing the recovery and responsible for marking the container or tank with the following information.

  • Excluded Recyclable Material
  • Generator’s Name. Address and Phone Number
  • CA waste number 341 Organic liquids (non-solvents) with halogens
  • UN Number 3163
  • Accumulated Start Date ______
  • Physical State - Liquid
  • Hazardous Properties - Other (Non-Flammable)

From this point forward all recovery cylinders in the State of California are required to be marked as      “Excluded Recyclable Material” by the generator (entity performing the recovery).

This marking has been incorporated on the back of the GHS tag. 


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engineer handling gas cyclinder