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Commercial and Payment Terms

All commercial terms are included under the A-Gas Standard Terms and Conditions hyperlinked to this document.

Limitation of Liability

Rapid Recovery expressly disclaims any liability for consequential, incidental, special, exemplary, or punitive damages. Rapid Recovery’s liability in all circumstances is limited to, and shall not exceed the price paid for the service that gives rise to any liability. If any item in this agreement is found to be contrary to any state of federal law it shall be considered null and void, just as if it never appeared in the agreement and it shall not affect the validity of any other item in the agreement. This agreement and its attachments and any other written agreements make up the entire agreement. Oral agreements are not binding. Insurance premiums resulting from requirements in excess of our standard policy limits will be passed on as an additional surcharge.


  • All quotations are based on the manufacturers plated factory refrigerant charge. Price will not change for systems that are under charged and A-Gas Rapid Recovery reserve the right to charge the full quoted amount if a system is found to be empty on arrival.
  • A-Gas Rapid Recovery can remove refrigerant liquid and vapour to atmospheric pressure or partial vacuum. If a specific vacuum level is required, this must be specified to A-Gas Rapid Recovery at quotation stage to ensure this expectation is both possible and correctly charged for.
  • A-Gas Rapid Recovery are not a refrigeration contractor and do not perform installation, service and maintenance of equipment. Additionally, Rapid Recovery do not recharge refrigerant back into systems.
  • Rapid Recovery do not supply recycling or disposal services for decommissioned equipment of any type.
  • Recoveries scheduled during unusual work hours such as nights, weekends or public holidays will attract extra charges which will be listed as part of any quotation.
  • If a client requests Rapid Recovery to carry out extra unscheduled work at the end of a scheduled job and this causes the technician to work outside of normal hours then extra charges will This is also subject to the availability of the Technician to remain at the job site to carry out the extra work.
  • A-Gas Rapid Recovery expect to start the recovery operation soon after arrival on the client’s site (at the time specified by the client). Standby time such as waiting for site access, site orientation meetings, site mandated meetings/ inductions, waiting for security clearances, waiting for the client to conclude repair work or any other client induced delay will result in extra charges.

Cylinder Handling

  • Rapid Recovery may leave cylinders in the possession of the client if the refrigerant is required for recharge back into the system.
  • Rapid Recovery cylinders are not to be used for long term refrigerant storage without express permission.
  • The client is liable for ensuring the cylinders are protected from damage and returned in the same state that they were delivered in Service charges and asset replacement charges will apply for cylinders as quoted
  • It is the client’s responsibility to notify Rapid Recovery when cylinders are empty and ready for collection
  • After notification, a ‘reasonable’ collection time period will apply of up to two days from notification. During this time period rental charges will apply
  • Refrigerant recovered from systems will not meet the requirements of the AHRI700:2016 standard. A-Gas Rapid Recovery take no liability for any customer decision to re-charge it back into a system without suitable cleaning and for any adverse effects to the system that may occur as a result of this decision.
  • Rapid recovery would advise clients to ensure cap nuts are applied to cylinders at all times if cylinders are to be left on site. Rapid Recovery cannot accept liability for any refrigerant lost to leakage during any storage period.

Access, Scheduling and Client Obligations

  • A-Gas Rapid Recovery require access to a low-level liquid port for efficient refrigerant recovery, the size of the available ports will dictate recovery speed.
  • For larger equipment a minimum 3/8” liquid port will be required
  • Insufficient system access ports can significantly extend the recovery time and result in extra charges.
  • It is the obligation of the client to ensure that the system is properly shut down and secure prior to recovery.
  • In the event that the system will run during the recovery process (i.e. a supermarket rack) it is the responsibility of the client to operate and protect the system whilst the Rapid Recovery technician recovers the refrigerant.
  • A-Gas Rapid Recovery cannot accept liability if system is operated during recovery and any system damage occurs
  • It is the obligation of the client to ensure all applicable valves on a system are open to allow recovery of all parts of the system to occur
  • In the event that valves are inoperable and extra work is required to recover the system then extra charges may apply
  • It is the obligation of the client to ensure that safe access and working conditions are available to the Rapid Recovery technician to allow him to execute refrigerant recovery. The technician at his discretion may refuse to carry out the work if conditions are not safe. This could include:
  • The work area being flooded
  • The work area not having adequate lighting
  • The area has exposed live electrical equipment
  • Roof access is considered to be unsafe
  • Other reasonable concerns
  • The El Machino used for medium pressure refrigerants is vehicle mounted and has a hose reel that is 75M long. Parking must be provided as close to the plant as possible to allow recovery to occur.
  • If the El Machino and cylinders have to be removed from the truck to access the plant then extra charges may apply.
  • The El Machino has a petrol engine and produces noise levels similar to a domestic lawnmower. It is the responsibility of the client to inform Rapid Recovery of noise restrictions at time of quotation.
  • Any parking charges that are incurred for the recovery will be charged back to the client.
  • Pedestrian management on the work site is the responsibility of the client. A-Gas Rapid Recovery will identify a safe work area around the vehicle and cone/ tape it off, staff at the job site should not enter this area.
  • The La Poderosa is used for low pressure refrigerants (R11, R123 etc.) but can also be used for medium pressure refrigerants (R22, R404A etc) in the event of noise restrictions or access restrictions.
  • The La Poderosa requires access to standard mains power and water services, it will also require access to a drain for waste water from the water-cooled condenser. Access to these services must be with close proximity to the plant being recovered.
  • Access to applicable circuit breakers must also be provided.
  • Rapid Recovery will require lift, stairs or ramp access to the plant to bring in cylinders and the La Poderosa. Ladder access is not sufficient, and work cannot be carried out without suitable access.
  • If recovery is carried out on a water chiller it is possible that refrigerant recovery can cause water to freeze and expand causing tube damage. It is the responsibility of the client to take precautions to avoid tube damage including (but not limited to) ensuring that water is kept running (or completely drained out of equipment) during recovery.
  • A-Gas Rapid Recovery can take no liability for tube damage.