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Drop-a-JUG™ Drop-Off Locations

Simply drop off your used disposable refrigerant cylinders at any Drop-a-JUG™ drop-off locations near you. There is no sign up process or costs to have your used disposable refrigerant cylinders recycled and responsibly managed by A-Gas.

Drop-Off Requirements

Do not vent before placing cylinders in crate

Only place non-flammable gases in crate

Place cylinders carefully in crate

Cylinders must be placed upright

Cylinders must have valve guards

Cylinder valves must be closed

Drop Off Locations

We are still updating Drop-a-JUG™ drop off locations. In the meantime, for your nearest drop off point, please contact A-Gas.

About A-Gas Drop-a-JUG™ Recycling Program

Drop-a-JUG™ is New Zealand’s solution to the disposable cylinder problem. It is an innovative recycling program that provides HVACR contractors with a free, easy, and environmentally responsible way to recycle used disposable refrigerant cylinders.

Disposable refrigerant cylinders contain synthetic greenhouse gases that are harmful to the environment when released to atmosphere. As a leader in lifecycle refrigerant management, A-Gas is dedicated to capturing refrigerants gases for future re-use or safe destruction, preventing harmful release into the atmosphere.

When you partner with A-Gas as a Drop-a-JUG™ refrigerant cylinder drop off location, you’re playing an important role in helping the industry reduce its emissions. Every gram counts.

Register as a Drop-Off Location