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Celebrating World Refrigeration Day 2024!

Every year on June 26th, World Refrigeration Day is celebrated globally, promoting the people and technologies playing a vital role in building a sustainable future.

The theme for 2024 is #Temperature Matters, highlighting the critical value that cooling and heating technology has in regulating temperatures worldwide. This year’s event incorporates World Heat Pump Day, emphasising how heat pumps are increasingly part of keeping the planet hospitable.

As the cooling industry continues to embrace heat pumps, A-Gas is excited by the opportunities they present. Our Chief Executive Officer, Jack Govers says, “The heat pump market is growing, and here at A-Gas our capabilities can offer our customers an effective alternative for virgin refrigerants. Reclaimed refrigerant is a great option for heat pumps as we are looking for ways to increase refrigerant circularity and make this industry more sustainable”.

To recognise World Refrigeration Day 2024, we spoke to Toby Page, A-Gas’ UK Wholesale Field Account Manager – South, and Faye Maddocks, UK Commercial Director, who have both helped to drive A-Gas’ growth in the heat pump market. Below, they tell us where it all started, the difference heat pumps will make and how they fit into A-Gas’ vision.

Heat Pumps and A-Gas' Vision for Enabling a Sustainable Future

Click below to read the interview and learn all about A-Gas' involvement in the heat pump market.