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Ontario Facility Begins Filling & Shipping

Virgin Products Ready & TC-approved Tanks Ready For Recoveries

The countdown has begun!

A-Gas' new Ontario facility is set to begin filling and shipping virgin HFC R134a, R410A, R407A, R407C, R404A, and R507 and new TC-approved recovery tanks to Canadian-based wholesalers.

In addition to filling HFCs, we are now ready to accept all types of refrigerants into our Lifecycle Refrigerant Management program.

Our fleet of TC-approved recovery tanks ranging from 22.7L WC to 454L WC is ready to assist you with your recovery projects.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks!

If you're interested in a new supplier of HFC refrigerants, have questions about our new facility, or want to learn about our approach to Lifecycle Refrigerant Management, contact us!

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Man working with black hose on the back of a recovery truck