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Best Practice Recovery of Waste Refrigerant from End-of-Life Goods Saves Time and Reduces Costs

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The customer is one of Australia’s leading waste management providers with extensive operations throughout Australia. Committed to a more sustainable future, they collect, treat, recycle or safely dispose of all types of waste.

With hundreds of waste management facilities located across Australia, the client processes a large amount of end-of-life domestic and commercial white goods on a regular basis. However, before white goods such as fridges, freezers and air conditioning units can be processed for disposal, crushing and/or recycling, any residual refrigerant gas must be safely removed to prevent potential refrigerant gas leaks.


  • Efficient management of hundreds of end-of-life white goods requiring processing on a regular basis across multiple sites.
  • Mitigate environmental impact by preventing refrigerant gas leaks from end-of-life white goods.


  • Client saved time and reduced costs by partnering with Rapid Recovery® to manage the complete recovery process, utilising best practice processes and high-speed equipment.
  • Safe recovery of refrigerant gas prevented leaks to atmosphere and enabled efficient processing of goods for disposal or recycling.

Our ongoing partnership with the client enables their facilities to efficiently manage hundreds of end-of-life white goods requiring processing each month across many sites throughout NSW. Because Rapid Recovery manages the complete recovery process, it saves the client time and money and ensures they’re doing the right thing to protect our environment.

Daniel Tanaskovic, Sales and Operations Manager, A-Gas Rapid Recovery, Australia

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Best practice recovery of waste refrigerant from end-of-life white goods saves money and time.

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