Refrigerant Buyback

A‑Gas strives to purchase used refrigerants in the industry, turning potential liabilities into success-building opportunities.

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Refrigerant Buyback

Refrigerants recovered from a fairly clean source can be returned to A-Gas for cleaning. Our decanting and cleaning systems allow the efficient processing and bulking up of returned materials from cylinders to larger containers; contaminants are removed as part of the cleaning process and product can be stored. A‑Gas works with industries and organisations across the world to purchase and transport used refrigerants to one of our state of the art processing facilities.

Sell your used refrigerants

"Our ability to respond quickly and comprehensively assures the material is properly picked up and safely recovered. Let us be your Total Solutions provider!"

Our Expertise

Delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for environmentally-sensitive gases and chemicals for more than 25 years, we offer a tailored ‘one stop shop’ for products and services – helping you meet your regulatory obligations responsibly and sustainably.

  • A-Gas Rapid Recovery
    A-Gas Rapid Recovery

    Our award-winning, state-of-the-art A‑Gas Rapid Recovery service provides on-site refrigerant recovery to a wide range of industries, from HVAC and Refrigeration to Demolition and Marine.

  • Product Analysis & Lab Services
    Product Analysis & Lab Services

    Our laboratories around the world ensure the ongoing supply of superior products.