Clean Agent Strategic Reserve

The A-Gas Clean Agent Strategic Reserve was established to enhance customer service by offering the ability to reduce or eliminate downtime with quick recharge turnaround.

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A-Gas Clean Agent Strategic Reserve

Enhancing Customer Service

The A-Gas Clean Agent Strategic Reserve was established to enhance customer service by offering the ability to reduce or eliminate downtime with quick recharge turnaround. Fire suppression system discharges happen due to fire or accidental discharges due to human error or system malfunction. The purpose of the Clean Agent Strategic Reserve service is to be prepared for any situation.

The Strategic Reserve program allows us to supply fully refurbished and recharged system bottles quickly and cost effectively. The program’s bottles are painted and set aside at our Bowling Green, Ohio facility to be utilized for immediate recharge should there be an emergency or accidental discharge.

A-Gas has an inventory of over 2,000 cylinders that are available for this program. We have a complete DOT regulated cylinder refurbishment center in Bowling Green, Ohio, to provide recertified and painted cylinders that look brand new.

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Recertified Bulk Products to be Banked for Future Needs

Banking Service

Our Strategic Reserve program is also available to purchase recycled, recertified bulk products to be banked for future needs. Banking purchased agents when the prices are market steady protects against short term market shortages and unexpected price increases. These agents can be used in conjunction with reserved system bottles for quick recharges or bulk product shipments.

A-Gas Strategic Reserve program is offered for:

Fire Protection & Halon Buyback

We Buy the Following Clean Agents And Fire Suppression System Agents:

Fire Extinguisher Streaming Agents:

A-Gas in the Americas can purchase decommissioned Halons (1211, 1301, 2402) worldwide. This service is offered in accordance with the Montreal Protocol to reclaim for “critical users.” Our team has years of experience with transcontinental shipments of Halons, including giving assistance with required documentation. We work in conjunction with The Department of Defense, The United Nations Development Program, The World Bank and governments, including the Australian Commonwealth and many other domestic and international clients.

Buy & Sell Halon and Clean Agents
We Buy Halon 1301

We Buy & Sell Halons & Clean Agents

A-Gas Pays Cash for Unwanted Halons
Get Paid for Unwanted Agents

A-Gas Pays CASH for Unwanted Halons

We supply all shipping documents, schedule the freight pick up, and pay all freight charges. 

Sell unwanted agents in 6 easy steps!

  1. Call 1-800-372-1301 for pricing on unwanted agents 
  2. A-Gas sends out a purchase order and shipping documents
  3. Palletize unwanted agents* and apply the provided labels
  4. Contact A-Gas to schedule a convenient pick-up
  5. Get spread sheets with weight verification
  6. Get Paid!
Safe Destruction of Halon and Clean Agents
Safe Destruction of Unwanted Fire Protection Agents

Safe Destruction Of Fire Protection & Halon

A-Gas offers safe and reliable destruction options for all Halons, CFCs, HCFCs and HFCs. Our facilities have the ability to destroy unwanted agents with an environmentally friendly 99.9% efficiency rating.


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